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Éla x Project Resound

Come Join Us

Working with several local partners in Poros and Trozinia-Methana, Greece, Project Resound and its volunteer designers presented Éla. This fully-branded, sustainable tourism association is an independent network connecting mindful travelers, local service providers, and the community. In a final presentation to community members including concerned citizens, business owners, and government officials, the volunteers described a plan of implementation for this new system and unveiled potential branding.





Service Designer

Field Research

User Interviews


Joshua Witmer 

Elena Georgieva

Zoltan Monori

Christine Everdell

Patricia Cova

Lindsay Courtney

Victoria Schloenbach

Louis Baker

Eric Schumate

John Kirya

Rebecca Ngola

Haroulla Ellinas

Edward Hills

Kristian Vaarvik


1 Week

UX Problem

Video coming soon!

Project Brief

In collaboration with local organizations in Poros and Troizinia-Methana, Greece, Project Resound aimed to develop a more sustainable model of tourism for the region.   

Social Scenario

Tourism accounts for 25% of jobs in Greece and is a great way for local communities to share their culture and make a living. Yet, tourism can also negatively impact the environment, local culture, and the people living in popular destinations.   

Vision Statement

With a more sustainable tourism model, this Greek region will be able to share their culture and home with less impact on the environment and have more stable sources of income. Tourists will enjoy unique experiences over the course of a longer stay. 

What is Project Resound?

Project Resound is a social design consultancy that delivers strategic and design capabilities to beneficiaries around the world. It collaborates with like-minded organizations to create solutions   that are people-centered and purpose-driven. 

It recruits creative volunteers from many disciplines to support social causes in exciting places around the world. 

Who were our partners?

Project Resound partnered with Echo and Ecologists Without Borders to complete this project. Echo is a consortium of three entities, Katheti, Live-Bio and Odyssey. Its aim is to promote sustainable tourism in the areas of Poros, Troizinia and Methana. Ecologists Without Borders is made up of exceptional individuals who volunteer their time and expertise to restore, protect, and conserve natural ecosystems, in worldwide partnership with those who rely upon them.  



What is the ideal experience? 

Circle of Respect.jpg


The System

An independent network of businesses, local organizations, and concerned citizens was deemed the key piece in connecting mindful/sustainable travelers, the community, and local service providers. The independent network could be branded to be called Éla — come join us in Greek.

Final Presentation.jpg
Final Presentation1.jpg

Growth Plan

As the independent network becomes more established in the community, it will also require less effort to maintain. Over the course of the next five years, Project Resound will continue to offer support and resources to accomplish this growth plan.

The Brand

Éla is a Greek word that means 'come join us.' It is used in everyday speech and has a simple English pronunciation (el-la). These factors make it a great way to brand the independent tourism network for this region.

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