The pandemic has changed the playing field for elementary education leaving parents, teachers, and students without a plan. GamePlan is an online learning environment that places the entire classroom experience in one place and streamlines communication through contextual messaging between parents, teachers, and students. It engages students through gamified lessons and collaborative learning which encourages social interaction and fun.


The only classroom you need.


Indigo Design Awards 2021

Two gold, Five silver, Three bronze


Team Lead

Visual Design Lead


Task Analysis

Information Arch.

UI Design


Jasmine Attanasio

Leo Caballero

Kelly Pobgee

Max Poliseno

Maik Reiffenstahl


10 Weeks

UX Problem

UX Problem

Due to the pandemic, parents have unexpectedly had to take on the role of a teacher for their students at home and struggle to balance this new role with their busy lifestyle.

Target Users

Primary: PreK – 5th grade teachers and students
Secondary: PreK – 5th grade parents

How might we...

  • improve upon the social development and structure of the in person education experience through online learning?

  • create a system to balance the busy lifestyle of parents and the educational needs of their children?

  • maintain a flexible educational environment that is easily adaptable?

  • better facilitate connection between parents and teachers?

  • create a single, streamlined communication platform?

Teacher Interfaces



Track grades for individual students

Adjust marks to percentages, letters, completion, and more

Grade student work right in platform

View class performance on a single assignment


Take Attendance

View student attendance by week or month

Create Assignment.png


Create an agenda accessible by parents and students

Create assignments that students can complete together

Toggle between several classrooms

Incorporate Zoom links into schedule

Message Center.png


Easily message from within the platform 

Parent Interfaces

View Lessons

Toggle between each student's profile

View assignment names and details

Access teacher comments on graded work

Access summary sheets of lessons


Track Student Progress

View progress

by subject 

Share progress reports with spouses, teachers, etc.

parent Communication.png


Students can summon parents to view their screen when questions arise

Communicate with teacher or student while viewing problem at hand

Control student screen to help troubleshoot issues from anywhere

Student Interfaces

Game reviews allow students to work collaboratively. Gamification improves communication skills and overall understanding.

Students earn XP and coins in games to customize their hut and show off progress to classmates.


After completing all assignments, students can access educational games in the Portal Room to continue practicing concepts while earning XP and coins for character and hut customizations. 


Enter doors in the Level Room to complete daily tasks. This may include watching videos, completing graded assignments, playing review games, and more.

Learn Concepts

Access the daily schedule created by teacher

Get help with the click of a button

Within the game world, students can complete activities to learn concepts for the day.

Visually track lesson progress

Earn XP and coins for more upgrades

Customize outfits



Allow parents or teachers to view screen to make messages more contextual 

Process Overview

Miss Katie, 32


  • Better communicate

  • Give each student more individual attention​​

  • Make her online classroom more engaging



Marketing Executive

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Jodi Lynn Parker, 34


  • Balance work and her child's education

  • Streamline communication with teacher

  • Decrease screen time


Faith Parker, 9


  • Have fun learning

  • Make more friends

  • Learn new subjects



Game World



Communicate via message center

View student screen

Reply to summon

Reply to summon

View student screen

Communicate via message center

Communicate via message center

Play levels

Summon help

Parents must be able to bridge between what the teacher wants and what the student is doing.

— Teacher during card sorting

Teacher Tasks

- Grade

- Instruct

- Communicate

- Take attendance


Parent Tasks

- Track student progress

- View lessons

- Motivate students

- Assist with technology

- Communicate

Student Tasks

- Learn concepts

- Communicate


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