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Over the course of her college career, Colleen contributed to more than 50 pieces to her university paper, District, and acted as Assistant Copy Editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief, and Editor-at-Large. While working as Editor-in-Chief, District won nine national awards including "First Place for Social Media Presence," "First Place for General Interest Magazine Overall Excellence," and "Third Place for Best Designed Student News Website." Her writing seeks to reach a wide audience but is most passionate about LGBTQ+ and feminist issues.

Georgia Press Association Awards 2021

Best Review - Third Place

'Shorts Spotlight: Pride Parade' Tells Thousands of Stories in One

Eight short films were presented at the SCAD Savannah Film Festival’s “Shorts Spotlight: Pride Parade.” Each encompasses the complex and colorful diversity of LGBTQ+ communities and the individual struggles and strengths of its members. But more than telling the stories of individual characters, these short films tell the stories of thousands of real people around the globe. Some even tell mine.

Exploring Identity: Dig Deeper into feminism with Women's Empowerment Club and The Manor

In collaboration with Women’s Empowerment Club (WEC) and The Manor, District celebrates Women’s History Month. Learn about identity from five young voices and intersectional feminism from Jenna Gutierrez of WEC.



Savannah Women's March rallies for reproductive rights

Reproductive healthcare — especially abortion — lies at the intersection of several identities. Not only do cisgender women require access to healthcare but so do people who are trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming. Accessible, affordable reproductive healthcare continues to be an intersectional issue for millions of Americans and is more widely being seen as not just a “women’s issue” but an equity issue. 


Professor Preview: Roy Christopher and the Ubiquity of Writing

Students may have seen Roy Christopher riding around town on his bike or even speaking at a past Geekend event in Savannah. During the fall 2019 quarter, he became a new addition to SCAD’s liberal arts department as a professor teaching speaking of ideas.

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