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Through the lens of social design, the team partnered with the Exchange Club of Savannah, an organization founded on the principle of service to their community. One of their largest fundraising events is the South Georgia State Fair. This fair has remained virtually unchanged for the past 60 years. As a result, attendance has declined due to lack of relevance. To improve the service implementation of the South Georgia State Fair, the team co-created closely with the members of the Exchange Club. 

South Georgia State Fair 

Co-Creation with the Exchange Club of Savannah





Graphic Designer

Service Designer

Service Design
Social Design

Amanda Johns

Brooke Simmons

Daniel Van Geffen

Mackenzie Costa

Marc Schlecht

Taylor Hunter

10 Weeks


Project Brief

Social Design-02.png

This project seeks to create an entertaining and safe experience to increase the South Georgia State Fair’s attendance at their new fairground location.

Social Scenario

Attendance for the South Georgia State Fair has declined. This is due to safety concerns at the previous fairground location as well as less interest from young people.

Vision Statement

The team seeks to create an experience that draws fair-goers to the new grounds increasing both attendance and the money raised for community causes. Specifically the project aims to draw families and young people to cement the tradition of attending the South Georgia State Fair from a young age.


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