In the second magazine produced by SCAD’s student newspaper, District, lessons learned from the creation of District in Bloom were directly implemented. Working with a smaller team, Square 95 was reduced to 40 pages with longer stories of literary journalism. The editing staff worked closely with each author to ensure their creative visions were carried out on each page and visual imagery was produced in collaboration with SCAD students outside of the organization. With the addition of an art director to the team, my role as editor in chief and creative director could take on the more holistic view of the publication and its thematic elements.

Square 95

E-magazine for SCAD Student Media




Creative Director


Design Management
Creative Direction
Publication Design




Kendra Frankle
Perrin Smith
Eve Katz
Tyler Lowe
Abby Gregory
Nadia Nugent

10 Weeks

Patrick Cox
Geoff Haggray
Chris Cartoldus
Anya Driffill
Audrey Meeker
Krista Miller

Kai Lun Dingcong
Ben Elhav
Julia Gralki
TJ Laggis
Maggie Maize
Niina Amanuma


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